Hyundai Veloster 3D Artwork Published - 01/04/2013

Hyundai Veloster and Kurt Wenner captivate audiences with 3D pavement art

On 1st April, the inventor of 3D pavement art will be amazing the people in South Africa when he creates a stunning piece for the launch of the all new Hyundai Veloster. With an international following, American artist and founding father of 3D pavement art Kurt Wenner will arrive in South Africa to create stunning 3D artworks across the country as part of the Hyundai Veloster launch campaign which kicks off in March this year.

The public will be given the opportunity to view this world master three-dimensional illusionist artist in action as he uses his amazing techniques to produce a 3D art work which will no doubt become the talk of the country. Wenner has been responsible for creating massive hype in real time as well as on the virtual platform as his art works have assisted in driving millions of potential customers to web sites and encouraging viral tidal waves on the internet – his paintings created the first ever visual art viral storm on the internet.

Hyundai has invited Wenner to participate in the launch of their new car, the Veloster, in the South African market. This campaign will prove how his exciting art works will very quickly carry Hyundai’s message to the public as it not only wows the crowds in shopping centres across the nation, but also gathers massive momentum on a viral level. ''Hyundai has always been extremely interested in supporting arts and culture in South Africa. This has in fact, been represented through our sponsorships in the past 5 years and our association with Kurt Wenner and the new Hyundai Veloster goes on to showcase this alignment. Hyundai is very excited to have Kurt Wenner in South Africa and looks forward to amaze South African audiences with our new Veloster and his incredible artwork. "The Hyundai Veloster is an innovative creation by the Hyundai Motor Company, just as Wenner's art represents an innovative approach in an art discipline where so many avenues have been explored already. It is such innovations that make the world a more interesting place, and which put Hyundai among the leaders in the automotive industry,'' comments Albrecht Grundel, Operations Director Hyundai South Africa.

Wenner was commissioned to produce his first art work, a mural, at the age of 16. Soon after, he was earning a living as a graphic artist. He then attended design school and art college, after which he worked at NASA as an advanced scientific illustrator. He moved to Italy and more specifically Rome where he studied the drawings, paintings and sculptures of the old masters in the city’s best known museums.

While in Rome his work became known throughout the country and in 1991 he was commissioned to create a piece to honour the visit of Pope John Paul II to the city of Mantua. Wenner first introduced 3D pavement art at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in 1986. Shortly after that he founded the first street painting festival in the United States at the Old Mission in Santa Barbara, California. The Old Mission festival, also known as I Madonnari, continues to this day as do many other festivals and events Wenner started across the country.

One often overlooked fact of Wenner's career is that he dedicated one month every year, for 10 years, to teach more than 100 000 students from elementary through university level how to work with chalks and pastels. For his dedication, he was awarded the Kennedy Center Medallion for his outstanding contribution to arts education. Wenner enjoys a career in fine art painting, sculpture, decorative stucco relief, ceramic murals, architectural designing and numerous images for publicity and advertising, his latest creation being his book Asphalt Renaissance, which documents the history of pavement art and his role in transforming it from a dying tradition to a dynamic multi-dimensional art form.

Wenner and his art works have appeared in some impressive documentaries, including the 1987 award-winning National Geographic documentary “Masterpieces in Chalk”. He also created a print advertisement for Absolut Vodka as part of the brand’s prestigious artist ad series. The ad is known as Absolut Wenner and the creation of the image was produced as a television commercial. Then, in 2010 Greenpeace called for a ban of genetically modified crops and presented the European Union members in Brussels with 1 million signatures along with a 22 m by 22 m 3D Wenner image. The giant composition set a world record for the largest image of its kind drawn by a single person.

While Wenner may live in the United States, his works have been seen in 30 countries across the world, and he continues to create his incredible masterpieces for clients on a globe level.