Hyundai shows learners career choices in motor industry Published - 02/10/2013

Learners get glimpse of career choices in motor industryFourty grade eleven and grade twelve learners were recently given a glimpse of the motor industry and prospective careers in this business at Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

It was the third year running that Hyundai Automotive SA sponsored this weekend as part of the Africa Ablze programme to give the learners an insight into the motor industry as a career of choice.

Africa Ablaze is an organisation that has taken up the responsibility of providing students from a disadvantaged background such as informal settlements with life skills orientation.  Africa Ablaze believes that exposing these young people to new and exciting interventions, will help them shape their career choices and life decisions.

This year Hyundai Automotive SA invited various of its suppliers to give the scholars a more complete view of opportunities within the motor industry. Rex Diff and Gearbox displayed transmissions and gave vital insight into the complexity of repairing and running transmission repair centres.

Another big supplier of Hyundai in South Afrcia, Llumar, gave a demonstration on how window tinting is done.  The aim of these demonstrations and information sessions was to show how various operations outside the mainstream motor industry plays a role in the economy and provide career opportunities.

Hyundai Automotive SA gave an overview of the history of the motor industry and how it evolved over the years — closing with the various fields of opportunity within the after-sales departments, and Francois Marais, marketing manager of Hyundai Automotive SA, presented some insights into the world of a car marketer.