Dube Birds Officially Announce Hyundai Sponsorship Published - 18/09/2014

Dube Birds Officially Announce Hyundai Sponsorship
It is with great pride that today, Moroka Swallows officially announced its association with world leading brand, Hyundai South Africa.
The opportunity afforded for Moroka Swallows to be associated with Hyundai Automotive Corporation South Africa, is an immense one, the clubs CEO said.
Moroka Swallows has been an iconic brand in South Africa since its inception as far back as 1947. 
Swallows and Hyundai share the same passion – to take their brands to the football loving people of South Africa and to take the game and its associated pleasures to all corners of the country. The intention is to make Stadium Days a pleasurable outing for fans and for families.
“All the members of Moroka Swallows already feel the weight of responsibility that we need to carry with dignity and pride. We welcome Hyundai Automotive South Africa into our family and we thank the management of Hyundai for choosing Moroka Swallows as the instrument through which they launch their support for South African football,” said club CEO Leon Pins.
“We have no doubt that over time, Hyundai will make a major impact on South African Football, as they have worldwide in their business endeavours. Moroka Swallows will ensure that the trust placed in us by Hyundai Automotive Corporation South Africa, will be rewarded by our efforts, both on and off the field,” Pins added.
Globally Hyundai has been affiliated with soccer since 2002 when they sponsored the FIFA World Cup Tournament in South Korea and Japan. The brand made a major impact in South Africa when the
country hosted the FIFA World Cup Tournament in 2010 and realised what a great role sport plays
in uniting a nation. 
It was a turning point for the Hyundai brand in South Africa, and presented a chance to use soccer to make Hyundai a household name.
“Hyundai realises that soccer, being the people’s game with the biggest supporter base worldwide
and in South Africa, is a perfect way to bring the brand and its products to the public,” said Grundel.