An Adams and Neuville Sports Exchange Published - 12/08/2014

What do you get when you take an Olympic boxer and a top rally driver and put them together in one of Hyundai’s i20 hatchbacks? A winning combination and a not small amount of magic, of course.

 That’s precisely what happened when Thierry Nueville took boxing champion Nicola Adams for a spin around the Goodwood Forest rally stage just last month.
Nueville, as readers will know, is one of Hyundai’s Shell Rally Team’s top drivers, recently taking the team to an incredible second podium win at Rally Poland, which is a challenging round of the World Rally Championships.
He took a break from his preparation for Rally Finland to escort one of the UK’s rising sports stars around the track.
Adams is a female boxer, and a groundbreaker to boot: she was the first woman to ever win Olympic Gold for boxing. With her smile, she looks entirely too nice to be delivering uppercuts in the square ring, but don’t be fooled: she ranks world number two in the flyweight division. She can knock you out.
And what did Adams think of the entire experience? “This needs to be my new sport!”
Lucky rallies. Although, we won’t get our hopes up when Nueville stepped into the ring with Adams to throw a few punches around. Watch below to find out what happened!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Nueville and the Hyundai team as they tackle Rally Finland, the fastest and most spectacular round of the entire series.