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  • Clean Blue
  • Vitamin C
  • Veloster Red
  • Crystal White
  • Double Racing Stripes
  • Tripple Racing Stripes
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Dual Centre Exhaust

The Veloster' s rear screams "sexy!" with its twin-barrelled and tipped in chrome, centrally located and built into the rear bumper. This is sportiness at its most captivating. It’s the view from behind you that most of your fellow drivers will see, as the Veloster sets a pace of its own.

6 Airbags

The airbag system consists of a driver airbag, passenger airbag, 2 side airbags and 2 curtain airbags. This dual stage airbag system deploys instantly on impact to reduce the chance of injury (depending on severity of the impact). 

Bluetooth Hands-free

Listen to your favourite tunes-on-the-go with Integrated Bluetooth which allows music to be streamed and phone calls to be made and received hands-free using your Bluetooth-compatible external device. Staying connected matters. 

18" Alloy wheels

Sleek and sporty, the Veloster has that extra edge of sportiness, the 18” alloy wheels that perfectly match the ferocious personality of the Veloster. The wheels are paired up with 215/40 R 18 tyres to ensure heightened grip, stability and style. 


Breaking ALL the rules

A new concept on the South African road in a car, the Veloster combines the style of a coupé with the functionality of a hatchback. It's where design meets practicality. 


With a short front overhang, this punchy coupé pulls off a sporty look. It is low to the ground with wheels set wide apart for extra manoeuvrability and a design that exudes style. Veloster drivers are certain to have a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience.

1+ 2 Door configuration

Boasting a breakthrough in automotive design, this sexy coupé has three doors: one door on the driver's side and two on the passenger side for easy access. This landmark design feature shows off Hyundai's progressive nature and willingness to challenge everything you thought you knew about a coupé. With a hidden door handle on the rear door that makes sure you keep that sleek, coupé styling in the bodywork whilst still giving you access to the rear seats when you need it.

Dual centre exhaust

As good looking from the rear as it is from the front. With a twin-barrelled and chrome tipped centre exhaust, on-lookers from the rear know you mean business. The exhaust is centrally located and neatly built into the centre of the bumper to show off the Velosters sporty and aggressive nature.

Outside mirrors with LED side repeaters

The outside electric folding mirrors are easily folded inwards to protect them against damage from parking in tight spaces. They're also stylishly shaped and feature LED repeaters, adding to the high-tech and sporty character. Using these repeaters will increase your visibility to other road users when activated.

Rear Combination Lamps

Beautiful and ferocious, the Velosters design is a work of art. The curved rear combination lamps follow the bodywork where the rear meets the side lines of the car. The wing-style rear combination lamps combine style with technology and improves visibility.

Front and rear fog lamps

Set low down on the bumper, both the sporty front and rear fog lamps complement the headlamps with their stylish and modern design. The fog lamps provide increased visibility when activated and also add to the aggressive look of the Veloster.


An interior to get your pulse racing

Inspired by a high-performance motorcycle the powerful and bold design of the exterior carries through to the interior. The driver's space reflects the desire to provide a sporty, dynamic area that’s made complete by the addition of the high tech, stylishly designed components. From the purposeful centre fascia to the metal-painted details around the centre console, door handles, air vents and gear stick – you can be sure that the Veloster has it all, inside and out.

Multi function steering wheel

The steering wheel of the Veloster gives you access to those important features you need to keep your driving experience focused on the road. The steering wheel remote control allows the driver to adjust the audio system and cruise control without lifting your hands from the wheel as well as taking and making calls through the Bluetooth system. 

Multimedia premium sound system

If sound is your thing, then the Velosters standard sound system has you covered. The premium audio system features a central speaker, external amplifier and a sub-woofer. Users can also connect external devices using the USB connection. The Veloster utilises the latest multimedia technology to enable you to always stay in touch. The Audio system features a radio, CD, MP3 player and the ability to play various multimedia files, all accessible through the steering wheel controls. 

Blue Max
The Blue Max Eco Guide analyses the driver's driving pattern for 10 minutes and displays a score to encourage fuel efficient driving. 

Rear view camera

The Veloster has thought of everything and is the perfect vehicle for you. A camera in the tailgate handle displays the view from the rear on the 7'' LCD display screen on the centre fascia. This not only adds to the convenience of parking your ride, but it increases your safety when reversing.

Auto airconditioner

Set your desired temperature and let the system take care of the rest, guaranteeing a customised interior climate that is completely comfortable. This will make sure that you enjoy yourself while you are at the peak of driving enjoyment.

Supervision Cluster

This is one cluster that looks great and is easy to understand. With two cylinder-type dials, emulating the tailpipe of a high performance motorcycle your driving information shown will include the trip computer, vehicle condition, temperature and driving mode selected.

Download and get the lowdown

Download our e-brochure with all the vehicle information and browse at your leisure.


Moving with the times
The 1.6 litre petrol engine of the Veloster provides 103kW of power and 167Nm of torque. The innovative engine of the Veloster paves the way for other Hyundai models, by being the first vehicle in the range to have a gasoline direct injection powered engine introduced to South Africa. The system injects atomised fuel into the cylinders at high pressure to provide maximum power and efficiency.


The Velosters 6-speed manual transmission is built with a key and ball-type synchromesh and has optimised gear tooth forms, for enhanced precision and smoother shifting. Thue dual clutch transmission (DCT) provides enhanced fuel efficiency, improved driving quality, reduced noise and prolonged durability. This is achieved by the transmission technology allowing the pre-selection of gears that give a instant power shift. 


Engineered for safety

A car has to be well built from every single perspective. That means paying as much attention to safety as style and design. Safety is a top priority for Hyundai, and it’s been given close attention throughout the Veloster, in the form of a comprehensive airbag system, crumple zones, side impact protection beams, uni-body construction, seatbelts and ISOFIX.

6 Airbags

Always putting your safety comes first, the depowered airbags on the front seats deploy at reduced force to prevent possible injury. Side and curtain airbags add to the protection in the event of a collision. They also reduce the possibility of head injuries, and prevent occupants from being catapulted forwards.  

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control regulates brake pressure and engine output in the event of a sudden change of direction, acceleration and braking, to bring the car safely under control.


Customise & Accessorise
The Hyundai Veloster embodies uniqueness through its innovative and breakthrough design. That’s why we offer a wide range of genuine accessories, allowing you to customize your car to suit your unique tastes and lifestyle. Our genuine accessories are designed and built to Hyundai’s high quality standards to ensure you always get the most out of your vehicle. Carefully selected material and practical technology ensure that there’s something to cater for you and your needs

CAR Magazine Special Report

See what CAR Magazine had to say about the Hyundai Veloster in this Special Report.

Specs & Price

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Select Derivative:

1.6 GDI Manual
From R 330,900.00
1.6 GDI Dual Clutch
From R 350,900.00
1.6 GDI Manual
From R 330,900.00
1.6 GDI Dual Clutch
From R 350,900.00
General Data
Displacement (cc)
1591 1591
Bore x Stroke (mm)
77 x 85.4 77 x 85.4
Compression Ratio
11.0 : 1 11.0 : 1
Max. Power (Kw @ rpm)
103 @ 6300 103 @ 6300
Max. Torque (Nm @ rpm)
167 @ 4850 167 @ 4850
Number of Cylinders
4 4
Cylinder Block
Aluminium Aluminium
Cylinder Head
Aluminium Aluminium
Timing Chain
Silent Timing Chain Silent Timing Chain
Engine Cover
Hood Insulator
Valve System
D-CVVT, 16 Valve D-CVVT, 16 Valve
Cam System
Fuel System
Gasoline Direct Injection Gasoline Direct Injection
Fuel Type
High Octane Petrol High Octane Petrol
Fuel Tank (L)
50 50
Lubricant Oil Capacity (L)
3.6 3.6
Cooling Fluid Capacity (L)
5.0 5.0
Electrical System
45AH 45AH
13.5V/90A 13.5V/90A
12V/0.9KW 12V/0.9KW
Drive Type
Front Wheel Drive Front Wheel Drive
Transmission Type
6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Dual Clutch
Gear Ratio
3.615 3.615
1.955 1.955
1.370 1.303
1.036 0.943
0.839 0.939
0.727 0.743
3.700 4.531
4.267 4.813 (1234) / 3.667 (56R)
Shift Lock System
Electronic Type
Clutch Type
Dry Type, with single 210mm friction plate - Push Type Dry Double Plate with Double Diaphragm Spring
Lubricant Capacity (L)
1.90 1.90
Max Speed (kph)
201 200
Acceleration (sec)
0 - 100 kph
9.7 10.3
Braking (m)
100 - 0 kph
39.0 39.0
Coefficient of drag
0.32 0.32
FUEL CONSUMPTION (European testing)
Combined Cycle Litres / 100km
8.4 8.4
CO2 EMISSIONS (European testing)
Combined Cycle g/km
163 161
McPherson type strut with stabilizer bar and Coil Springs McPherson type strut with stabilizer bar and Coil Springs
Coupled Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Springs Coupled Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Springs
Shock Absorbers
Gas Filled Hydraulic twin tube shock absorber Gas Filled Hydraulic twin tube shock absorber
Gas Filled Hydraulic Mono tube shock absorber Gas Filled Hydraulic Mono tube shock absorber
Steering Wheel Description
3 Spoke steering wheel with Airbag 3 Spoke steering wheel with Airbag
Steering Type
Rack & Pinion with Collapsible universal joint & column Rack & Pinion with Collapsible universal joint & column
Power Assisted
Motor Driven Power Assisted Steering system (MDPS) Motor Driven Power Assisted Steering system (MDPS)
Steering Column Adjustment
Tilt & Telescopic Tilt & Telescopic
Steering Wheel Finish
Leather Leather
Steering Wheel Multifunction Controls
Audio, Cruise, Bluetooth and Computer Audio, Cruise, Bluetooth and Computer
Steering Wheel Turns (lock to lock)
2.88 2.88
Min. Turning Radius (m)
5.20 5.20
Wheel Type
Alloy Rim 7.5J x 18 Alloy Rim 7.5J x 18
Tyre size
215/40 R18 215/40 R18
215/40 R18 215/40 R18
125/80 R15 125/80 R15
Spare Tyre Location
Located on the cargo floor Located on the cargo floor
Tyre Pressure (Kpa)
230 230
250 250
230 230
250 250
Tyre Pressure (Kpa)
250 250
Front Brake Type
280mm Ventilated disc, Floating-calliper brakes with Pads wear warning devices 280mm Ventilated disc, Floating-calliper brakes with Pads wear warning devices
Rear Brake Type
262mm Solid Disc, Floating-calliper break with wear warning device 262mm Solid Disc, Floating-calliper brake with wear warning device
Brake Booster
Single 10 Single 10
Boost Ratio
8.0 : 1 8.0 : 1
Park Brake
Floor mount cable type on rear wheels - BIR (Ball-in-Ramp) Floor mount cable type on rear wheels - BIR (Ball-in-Ramp)
ABS (Anti-Lock Breaking System)
4-Wheel electronic, 4-Channel 4-Sensor ABS 4-Wheel electronic, 4-Channel 4-Sensor ABS
EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
VSM (Vehicle Stability Management)
AYC (Active Yaw Control)
Curb / Tare
1180 1215
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)
1700 1700
Gross Combination Mass (GCM)
1700 1700
Maximum Mass On Front Axle
930 930
Maximum Mass On Rear Axle
840 840
Payload (Kg)
520 485
Roof Rack Load (Kg)
100 100
Exterior (mm)
Overall Length
4220 4220
Overall Width
1790 1790
Overall Height - Excluding Roof Rails
1399 1399
2650 2650
Ground Clearance
143 143
Wheel Tread (mm)
1557 1557
1570 1570
Overhang (mm)
830 830
740 740
Interior (mm)
Head Room
Front Row
990 990
Second Row
896 896
Leg Room
Front Row
1114 1114
Second Row
805 805
Shoulder Room
Front Row
1412 1412
Second Row
1371 1371
Hip Room
Front Row
1351 1351
Second Row
1337 1337
Cargo Area (L) - SAE
Behind Second Row (Boot Space)
440 440
Cargo Area (mm)
768 768
1100 1100
558 558
Opening Width
1010 1010
Bumper Styling
Body Colour Body Colour
Body Colour Body Colour
Door Handles
Chrome Chrome
Front Grill Styling
Body Colour / Chrome Body Colour / Chrome
Gear Lever Finish
Imitation Leather Imitation Leather
Rear Spoiler
Black Black
Side Mirrors
Body Colour Body Colour
Metallic Paint
Front Seats
Drivers Seat Adjustment
Manual Manual
Manual Manual
Manual - Pump Tyre Manual - Pump Type
Lumbar Support
Electric Electric
Head Rests
Height Adjustable Height Adjustable
Seat Back Pockets
Passenger Seat Adjustment
Manual Manual
Manual Manual
Head Rests
Height Adjustable Height Adjustable
Seat Back Pockets
Second Row
Split Rear Seats
60/40 60/40
Head Rests
2 x Height Adjustable 2 x Height Adjustable
Seating Configuration
2 Front / 2 Rear 2 Front / 2 Rear
Seat Trim
Partial Leather - Black Partial Leather - Black
All All
Driver - Depowered
Passenger - Depowered
Passenger Airbag Disable Function
Crumple Zones
Front & Rear Front & Rear
Side Impact Protection Beams
Uni-body Construction
Delay Exiting On head lights
Delay Exiting On Interior lights
Fog lights
Front & Rear Front & Rear
Headlight Auto On/Off Function
Headlight Type
Halogen Halogen
Self Levelling Headlights
Manual Manual Adjustment
High Mount Stop Light
Side Indicators
On Side Miror On Side Miror
Front Seats
Seatbelt Type
2 x 3 Point Inertia Reel (ELR) 2 x 3 Point Inertia Reel (ELR)
Pretensioner with Load Limiter
Not-Inserted Warning Indicator
Second Row
Seatbelt Type
2 x 3 Point Inertia Reel (ELR) 2 x 3 Point Inertia Reel (ELR)
ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments
Auto Unlocking Doors
On Key Removal On Key Removal
Impact Sensing Door Unlock
Central Locking
Remote Remote
Child Lock on Rear Doors
Inside Handle Override
Driver & Passenger Driver & Passenger
Remote Keyless Entry
Transponder Immobiliser
20 min timer 20 min timer
Wiper & Washer
Automatic - Climate Control Automatic - Climate Control
Air Conditioner - Anti-bacterial Pollen Filter
Audio system
Radio / CD / MP3
LCD Touch Screen
7 7
Aux / iPod / USB Connection
Antenna Location
Roof - Rear Roof - Rear
No of Speakers
4 Speakers + 2 Tweeters + Centre Speaker + Sub Woofer 4 Speakers +2 Tweeters + Centre Speaker + Sub Woofer
On-board Computer
Average Consumption
Average Speed
Distance To Empty
Driving Time
Instant Consumption
Trip Meter
Warning and Indicator
A/T Position Indicator
Battery Charge
Door Open
Graphic Graphic
Boot Open
Graphic Graphic
Brake Fluid Level
Check Oil
Direction Indicator
Fog Light
Front & Rear Front & Rear
Headlight On
Auto Off Auto Off
Key in Ignition
Low Fuel
Oil Pressure
Parking Brake
Ambient Temperature Display
Digital Clock
Illumination Rheostat
Courtesy Lights
Cargo Area
Glove Box
Map Reading
Sun visor
Driver & Passenger Driver & Passenger
Rear View Mirrors
Side Mirrors
Electric Electric
Folding Function
Electric Electric
Inside Rear View Mirror
Day Night Function
Manual Manual
Rear View Display Camera
Window Operation
Electric Electric
Electric Window Jam Protection
Driver Driver
One Touch Feature
Driver - Auto Up & Down Driver - Auto Up & Down
Electric Electric
Windscreen Wipers
2 Speed Settings
Auto Wipers with Rain Sensor
Single Wipe Function
Variable Intermittent Function
Intermittent Function
Storage Compartments
Front Armrest
2 Compartments 2 Compartments
Glove Box
Map Pockets: Door Panels
Front Front
Sunglass Holder
Luggage Compartments
Luggage Net
Luggage Hooks
Sun Visor
Card Holder
Driver Driver
Vanity Mirror
Driver & Passenger Driver & Passenger
Vanity light
Driver & Passenger Driver & Passenger
3 Doors - Front Hinged 3 Doors - Front Hinged
Lift Type - Hatch Lift Type - Hatch
Cruise Control
Cup Holders
Front & Rear Front & Rear
Drivers Foot Rest
Mud Flaps
Front & Rear Front & Rear
Park Assist
Rear + Camera Rear + Camera
Power Sockets
Front Front
Remote Boot Lid Unlock
On Key On Key
Remote Fuel Flap Opener
Cable Type Cable Type
Tinted Windows
All All
5 Year / 150 000 km Manufacturer's Warranty; Additional 2 Year / 50 000 Km Manufacturer's Powertrain Warranty 5 Year / 150 000 km Manufacturer's Warranty; Additional 2 Year / 50 000 Km Manufacturer's Powertrain Warranty
Perforation Warranty
5 Year / 160 000 km Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Year / 160 000 km Manufacturer's Warranty
Roadside Assistance
5 year / 150 000 km 5 year / 150 000 km
Service Plan
5 year / 90 000 km 5 year / 90 000 km
Service Intervals
15 000 km 15 000 km


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